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When a young woman on the run from the law arrives at the remote Bates Motel, she falls victim to a knife-wielding killer. Take a pick from these staple scream-inducing films. It's also one of several iconic werewolf movies that hit theaters in 1981. Suspiria With the giallo subgenre, Italian filmmakers put their own unique, memorable stamp on horror.

There's also a stinging underlying social message about racism, media and paranoia where viewers got to learn that they could be u as dangerous and cruel as the mindless hordes of undead they were hiding from. Nearly 60 years classic horror movies, Psycho is classic horror movies shocking, nerve-frying even. But the scariest bit involves the Thing assimilating dogs and revealing a mouth best described as a flower made out of print petals moments before it slime-claws its way out of sight. However, nearly 20 years after its release, it was praised for using ahead-of-its-time special effects and paranoia. The first vampire-themed movie, 1922was made during this period; it was an unauthorized adaptation of 's. Romero may have met the zombie genre but with 28 Days Later, Danny Boyle and Alex Garland redefined it for the modern era. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon films the heck out of The Town That Dreaded Sundown, creating a strange and extremely effective follow-up to the original classic. The grotesque and homicidal Firefly Family is on the sincere, chased down by a corrupt sheriff, and go on a horrific killing spree.

When the shark turns Alex Kintner into a human chew toy and when Bad Hat Harry stands before Brody, wearing a bathing suit and shaking his saggy gym-sock moobs. When only one survives an attack by a vicious wolf, he becomes convinced he's been infected by the werewolf's curse. What it does have is plenty of atmosphere and a very memorable take on the lead villain.

Old Horror Movies – Free Horror Films - Retrieved 24 April 2012. One week later, they're found dead from sinister but mysterious causes.

For years, horror, unlike , and , has been mistreated and subjected to vicious critical attacks. Thankfully, it looks like the horror genre is finally getting the recognition it deserves, with recent releases getting Oscar buzz and proving to be box office hits. To celebrate this often overlooked and thrilling genre, , writers, directors and actors to help us chose the 100 best horror films. Horror has traditionally been a genre bent on entertainment — however twisted — and so reminders of real-world tragedy tend to stifle the fun. On one level this is pure throwback, an old-school tentacles-and-all monster movie which really comes alive in its glittering monochrome DVD version. Amplas plays the title character, a lonely, wayward Pennsylvania teenager whose elderly, religious-maniac cousin is convinced that the boy is, in fact, Nosferatu. Tom Huddleston Director: Larry Cohen Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Deborah Raffin Jesus loves you… a little too much The horror game can be tough. Larry Cohen is without question one of the most inventive, idiosyncratic American writer-directors of the 1970s, his outstanding oeuvre spanning low-budget social commentary, low-rent blaxploitation and a handful of the most politically engaged horror films ever made. Yet here we are, 35 years later, and he manages to scrape one film into our Top 100. The make-up technician was called Screaming Mad George. Says it all, really. TH Director: John McNaughton Cast: Henry Rooker, Tom Towles, Tracy Arnold Is it live, or is it Memorex? That synopsis should offer some insight into the kind of boiling Freudian gumbo Browning serves up. This is a giddy, subversive, wonderfully watchable silent shocker. Peter Mullan is superbly cast as Gordon, the boss of an asbestos removal company tasked with clearing out an abandoned mental hospital. One of the first movies to be shot on HD digital video, the film has an unearthly, real-but-not-real sheen that adds immeasurably to its heart-stopping atmosphere of impending doom. The film provoked outrage in many quarters, but, viewed now, any claims that it is pornographic seem ridiculous.